Our Services

We offer a broad spectrum of inventory consulting, including asset coordination, accounting and auditing. Our clientele ranges from sole proprietors to partnerships and corporate entities across all sectors.

Retail / Financial Inventories

This program is the most cost-effective way to benchmark the general well being of your business. Inventories can be summarized in a variety of different ways and reported in an informative report. Results can be used to track shrinkage, profitability and general business health.


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Our audit service will assess the accuracy and relevance of your inventory statements. Equipped with this knowledge, you'll be in a better position to take action.


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Mystery Shopping

This service will help prevent the loss of your most valuable asset, your customer.




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Buy / Sell Audit


Buying or selling a business?

IMS offer's an accurate, valuable inventory service to aid in the transition process from seller to buyer.

End of year financial audit

Our inventory crews are thoroughly experience in performing a retial price inventory that helps to visualise the growth of your business and comply with annual taxation regulations.

Item Level Inventory

 We have a team of computer programmers dedicated to barcode scanned item level inventory. We currently offer service to users of StationSmart/CSS, Inc., Success Systems, Quickbooks POS, TSW, JPOS, Series 2K, Pinnacle, Amcom, SSCS, Comcash Systems, Spirits 2000, Liquor POS, Cash Register Express, Wine POS.



All back off systems require little alteration to our current systems and can easily accomodate additional back office systems both site and web based with ease.


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